A Comprehensive Sales Executive Job Description

It is usually believed that sales persons are born and not made. The sales sector welcomes people from diversified cultures and areas to build their career, but how far they can move in their career depends on various factors like business acumen, enthusiasm and great determination. Regardless of whether you are a fresher or someone embarking upon a career change, your career growth depends on how diligently you perform your job duties.

Work profile of a sales executive

Sales executives act as the viable link between a company and potential customers. Primarily, the work involves-

1= Making cold calls
2= Organizing sales visits
3= Negotiating different agreements/contracts
4= Attending meetings, trade shows/events to promote company’s products and services

Career opportunities

There is no dearth of good job opportunities for sales executives as jobs for this particular profile are available across wide sectors, like pharma, finance, media, automotive and technical.

Some employers are small-medium enterprises with just a few people; whereas there are leading companies with a separate marketing department, employing hundreds of people. To get a clear view of the sector, we will consider two types of sales: business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C).

As the word itself says, B2B sale is done between two companies; whereas B2C sale is directed towards consumers. Each type of sector has its own benefits and, therefore, it’s up to you to decide in which field you want to start your career. After spending a few years as a sales executive, you can scale up to other imperative positions like Sales Manager, Regional Manager and Country Sales Head.

Where to look for sales executive jobs?

Some of the common sectors where you can find jobs are-

1= Retailers
2= Service industries
3= Industrial organizations
4= Manufacturers

People with expert knowledge and skills can scout for opportunities in publishing and medical sectors also. After gaining some experience, you can also explore other career areas, like advertising, public relation and marketing.

Requisite education

Typically, it is an entry-level position and therefore, the field is open for graduates of all disciplines. Also, if you want to start your sales career with an IT company then it is important to have some technical knowledge. Some past job experience could give you an edge over other applicants. To get the job in a top-notch company, it is important to have a higher education, like doctoral or MBA degree.

Skills required for the job

1= Market knowledge
2= Pleasant personality
3= Good communication skills
4= Good listener
5= Self-confidence
6= Persuasiveness
7= Self-motivating
8= Well-organized
9= Courteous
10= Resilience and persistence


Apart from basic pay, you will also get incentives if you will achieve your targets. Typically, a sales executive could earn around Rs 3.5-5 lakh/annum. After gaining some work experience, your salary could even reach to Rs 15-20 lakh/annum.

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